Coffee, the second most traded commodity in the world behind oil, is a pretty easy sell. Have you ever asked someone out on a date by saying you should "grab coffee sometime"? How about discussing that last episode of Lost around the office coffee maker? There's just something about coffee that gets people talking. With OrGano Gold the act of sharing becomes a means to increased wealth and sense of well-being. The world's most popular beverages enriched with a powerful botanical ingredient that leads to whole-person wellness and overall improved living is an opportunity too good to pass up.
The tools OrGano Gold puts at your disposal will greatly impact your ability to capitalize on your business. Whether you're looking to build a large and dynamic organization, solid and stable retail customer base, or even just earn a few extra bucks to pay off some of the monthly bills, OrGano Gold  provides the appropriate hammers to help nail down your success.
Do you realize that if you had one penny for each cup of coffee consumed in the United States in just one day, you'd be the proud owner of $4 Million? It's estimated that North Americans consume about 400 million cups of coffee per day - about 1/3 of the world's entire coffee consumption. The only thing we drink more of is water. Tea and sodas combined don't even come close. Now, one other thing to think about. Everybody's in a rush to pack in as many essential vitamins, anti-oxidants, and other nutrients into their waters, juices, and sodas as possible. Vitamin Water, Function Drinks - even Diet Coke has been enhanced with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin- and nutrient-enriched beverages are big business nowdays.
Because of a worldwide trend in the interest in health and wellness products, Organo Gold  provides a lucrative business opportunity for those who want to earn extra income and promote healthy living at the same time. Earning opportunities can be made through several forms, including retail sales and distribution of the products and building a network of business teams which can generate a variety of financial bonuses. The selling of Organo Gold ganoderma products is a venture to consider if one is looking for a home business that can provide a viable income. To succeed in this type of business, however, requires constant promotion of products, mostly through sampling, and producing a steady stream of customers who regularly re-order. Since Organo Gold  operates on a network distribution system, a sizable profit can also be made if one can build a solid team of members who can generate several leads daily- Via Organo Gold -The Coffee Millionaire Marketing System.
Organo Gold Business Opportunity allows you to take advantage of unlimited earning potential and exponential growth in an efficient manner. Here’s the opportunity, Today, you or someone you know started the day off with a cup of coffee. Coffee is world’s most consumed beverage generating in excess of two billion cups in sales daily. Additionally, coffee is also the second largest traded commodity in the world behind oil. Now you can offer it to millions of consumers from the comfort of your home while creating yourself a residual income stream.
Organo Gold blends the unequalled power of Ganoderma with an unparalleled business opportunity that will allow you to capitalize in the ever expanding health and wellness industry. By positioning your Organo Gold business in front of worldwide aging trends it can be as big and successful as you want it to be. Whether it’s improved health, more time freedom or better wealth, Organo Gold can help you achieve your goals. As an independent Organo Gold Entrepreneur we put you FIRST.
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