iQLife will PAY and REWARD you for what you already do on other sites and receive nothing in return. Simply invite, connect, and share after creating a profile for FREE to accumulate points and cash. Why not be rewarded for something you enjoy doing for free. It is the smarter way to konnect, iQLife.
Collectively compiling a collage of life experiences from people all across the globe, iQLife is passionately connecting to share life, love, and the individual pursuit of happiness! You have already begun to share on other social media platforms. Right now, here, today, at this time, we invite you to bring your experiences to our community and be rewarded for it! Come share in this movement by simply becoming a Brand Partner, then start inviting others to join with you NOW, ahead of the millions of Free connections that will be invited very soon.
The iQLife Social Media Sharing Platform
We believe that by you bringing all your experiences with you to this community, you will enhance the quality of life for all of those enjoying this New Social Sharing Platform, the entire community across the globe. As a thank you from iQlife, you will be rewarded for sharing! It is a new and fresh twist on the already enormous multi hundred billion dollar social media arena!
This NEW Social Sharing platform will start a movement by rewarding you for bringing all your life experiences to this platform! All your passions, your family, your friends, your work, your leisure, your interests. Everything that you are and everything that you will be! A platform to tell your story and write new chapters along the way.
The newest Social Media Platform, The only Differences between iQLife  and Facebook, with iQLife, You get rewarded for Liking,Sharing, Promoting, Being Social and adding New friends.
iQLife Presents Social Media as it Should Be!
Becoming a brand partner with iQLife you will have the opportunity to be one of the first inviters, when the iQLife big launch comes around ( Mid October 2014) this is going to be a huge financial advantage for you. The iQLife corporation is committed to giving back a large share of it’s revenue to it’s brand partners who are responsible for bringing value to iQLife.
Brand partners who enroll other brand partners, will have the opportunity to be compensated on as many as 21 million active users. Can this be real you say “you bet your bottom dollar it’s real”. This will be for brand partners who want to fully maximize their activity. There is also a lot of benefits for the brand partner in the back office, such as recording of past conferences and the ones that are scheduled to come. There is also access to reports and other valuable resources to use, so you can unlock the huge potential with iQLife.
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Today, over 2 billion people worldwide participate in Social Media. Social Media or Social Sharing like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Many people are active on these sites multiple times daily.
Wouldn't it be nice if those companies shared their revenue with the people who are actually responsible for generating their revenue? That is people like you and me. What if there was a high quality Social Media company that did reward you?
iQLife has taken the best features of the popular Social Media sites and built a new and smarter Social Media site. Our new Social Media is "Live" today for hundreds of Brand Partners who have achieved the rank of Executive Brand Partner and who are our Beta Testers for our platform.
Once you set-up your profile page on our new site, you simply invite your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. friends to try our site for FREE so they can get rewarded.
Today, you are privileged to have this early opportunity to join our movement.
As a Brand Partner, you can be first to invite your friends before millions of people worldwide hear about this.  Plus Brand Partners participate in the additional and very lucrative Revenue Sharing opportunity for only $9.95 per month.
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iQLife-The Way Social Media Should Be

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The Future Of Social Media
Get Ready - It’s Only Going To Increase
Both the types of information we can share will dramatically increase, and the number of people from whom we can receive this content will also grow. Essentially, we will have many more people creating significantly more content. providing people more ways to share online is no longer the challenge. That was the old paradigm. A new paradigm of relevancy is emerging, which goes beyond the question of whether “to follow or not follow” or “to friend or not friend.” Companies need to see that their job is not to provide us data, or even keep us updated - it is to serve our needs.
And people have a need to not only receive a constant flow of information but also to get quality information in ways that add benefit to their lives. The social networks and web companies that remember this will stand the best chance of success in the future.
If you think you have a challenge now managing your tweets, emails, Facebook posts and texts, hold on to your hat. This is just the begining. According to a recent blog post from Cisco Systems, “In 2010, there were 12.5 billion devices connected to the Internet. Looking to the future, Cisco IBSG predicts there will be 25 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2015, and 50 billion by 2020.”
Team iQLife...The Future Of Social Media: