IDLife is a health and wellness company that is on the forefront of personalized medicine. There is nothing like IDLife's proprietary customized nutritional assessment on the market, and IDLife is changing people's lives - both through their unique product offering, as well as their unique business model.
IDLife is disrupting the vitamin and supplement market, a $23 billion a year industry in the U.S. alone. According to this recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the market is very fragmented, with the top five companies accounting for just 20% of the market.

The "ID" in IDLife stands for "individually designed" because the company's featured product are vitamin packs that are specifically tailored for each individual, based on sex, age, exercise and eating habits, sun exposure, medical conditions and even prescription medications. (Of course, the entire website is HIPAA-compliant, for confidentiality purposes.)

Customized manufacturing is a good idea, but the real key is the science behind the algorithms that make the recommendations. The IDLife personal assessment website draws upon scientific data from over 7,500 clinical studies and peer-reviewed medical journal articles to create a personalized and targeted nutritional recommendation for each individual. In fact, this interactive approach offers 1.3 million possible combinations - one of which is ideally suited for YOU.

The Business Model
IDLife is a health and wellness company that uses a network marketing model. This means that the product goes direct from manufacturer to the consumer with no wholesalers, retailers, or expensive advertising campaigns. YOU recommend the products to people you know, and YOU keep those profit margins.

IDLife has an incredible compensation plan that is designed to take the best of a "product" based company (higher margins and commissions) with a "service" based company (no inventory.) Logan and his team spent the better part of a year analyzing the compensation plans of all the top direct selling companies. The outcome? IDLife pays you 30% of the retail price for your own personal customers, and provides a 10-level comp plan that starts with a 5% over-ride for your downline levels. This model enables you to leverage your time and efforts in order to create a monthly, passive recurring income. In fact, there are 15 different ways that you get paid in this business.
According to advertising studies, "word of mouth" is still the most effective form of advertising. Some quick stats from the Direct Selling Association:
Network marketing drove $32.6 billion in sales in the U.S. in 2013, up 3.3% from 2012.
In 2013, there were 16.8 million direct-selling distributors in the U.S., an increase of 5.7%.
Here's a question for you; if you don't do anything different from what you're doing now - with your health, your finances, your relationships - how are things going to look two or three years from now? If you want to make a real difference in any of those areas, you need to start now.
ID Life & ID Nutrition Custom Supplements Review. ID Life and ID Nutrition is an individually designed nutritional program based on verifiable nutritional science.  Our products use the highest-quality, clinically researched ingredients. Best of all, your ID Nutrition program is developed specifically for YOU, based on your needs, your goals and your personal nutritional profile.

The Science of Chronobiology. IDNutrition incorporates the science of chronobiology, which assures that you aren’t just receiving the right nutrients, but that you are receiving those nutrients at a time when your biological rhythms are optimized to receive them. And to make things easy, your personalized strip packs are delivered in convenient and portable AM/PM strip packs.
Individually Designed Life defines a belief, an idea and a culture, but most importantly it defines who IDLife is as a company. IDLife was founded on the principle that everyone should be able to design the life of his or her dreams. Whether your ambition is to achieve better health, interact with like-minded people, operate your own business, or just have fun, IDLife is here to meet you where you are and help you design the path to where you want to be.
YOU’RE UNIQUE, your nutrition should be too!
At IDLife, we understand that no two people are alike. You simply take a free, thorough, confidential, HIPAA compliant online assessment based on your diet, lifestyle, body type, physical condition, health issues and medications. Within minutes, our patented IDAssessment software develops your personalized supplement recommendation backed by independent third party medical and scientific studies that you can review and verify yourself. It's that easy!
What is HIPAA? HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The intent of the Act is to protect the privacy of your health information through the implementation of some very specific rules. IDLife voluntarily adheres to these rules to insure that you have peace of mind in knowing that your IDAssessment information remains confidential and is being protected from disclosure.
Pure Ingredients For A Natural Cleanse. When you start taking IDNutrition, you will feel the difference because for the first time you will be taking exactly what your body needs, when it needs it. But more importantly, IDNutrition begins a natural cleansing of the toxins and impurities your body has been storing from products that contain processed and artificial ingredients. Through industry leading absorption rates, you can have comfort in knowing that your body is receiving the full benefits of the nutrients being ingested and that those nutrients are designed to address your nutritional deficiencies with pharmaceutical grade supplementation.
IDLife Hydrate is an all-natural solution for when you thirsty, already slightly dehydrated and your body is lacking the water it needs to function properly. ID Life Hydrate delivers a natural blend of vital electrolytes, MCT’s, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to protect the body from the harmful effects of dehydration. IDLife Hydrate is available in both tasty fruit punch and mango passion flavors!

Through a unique and proprietary blend of natural energy boosters, IDLife’s Energy is a 10 calorie nutritional supplement that provides up to 6 hours of sustained energy without the jitters, over-stimulation, or crash experienced with other energy products that helps you get through a tough training session, provide a quick pick-me-up during a slow afternoon at the office, and support a balanced diet. Energy comes in natural mixed berry and orange flavors that allow you to refuel to keep your body performing at its peak no matter what life may throw your way

ID Life Sleep Strips Review. Our unique ID Life Sleep Strips help bring your body into balance so you can enjoy restful, restorative, deep sleep.  The fresh-tasting mint-flavored strips melt in your mouth, and deliver a complex of nutrients, including melatonin, L-Theanine and 5HTP, in a tri-phasic approach that supports all three phases of the sleep cycle. You'll wake up refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated, but won't have the lingering aftereffect that so many sleep aids leave you with.
Looking for the best energy shot on the market? Look no further than IDLife’s energy shot, a unique and proprietary blend of natural energy boosters that help you get through a tough training session, provide a quick pick-me-up during a slow afternoon or supports a balanced diet.

Life Meal Replacement Shake Review. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or just feel better and healthier by getting better nutrition during your busy day, the ID Life Meal Replacement Shake is your answer!
What you fuel your body with before and after your workout will determine your ability to push through that extra set, how fast you can recover and how sore you feel the next day. Post Workout provides a high quality complex of proteins, vital electrolytes and antioxidants to address workout recovery, and proper nutritional support for your body’s muscular and nervous systems
What you consume before your daily workout can make all the difference in achieving the goals you desire and minimizing the time necessary for your body to recover. Pre Workout delivers a carefully researched and balanced complex of targeted amino acids, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to assist in maximizing your physical conditioning and mental focus. Whether your desire is to achieve a personal best, gain more mental focus during physical activity, or push through a plateau in your routine, Pre Workout can support your goals

IDLife Kids Nutrition & Shake - IDLife's Kids Nutrition line and shake product is packed with 24 high quality and minerals! IDLife now has a complete Kid's line including the Kid's bar, vitamins and hydrate, a great tasting natural way to replenish and restore hydration for fast-paced kids (and parents too)!

Designed by fitness icon Jen Widerstrom, this unique IDLife program is designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be... After reviewing the comprehensive IDLife product line, most folks ask, “Where do I start?” Introducing the 28-day IDTransformation from IDLife. You choose the flavor combinations and our team will put together your personalized kit that combines the very best protein shakes in the industry, with a natural weight management product that provides a boost to your metabolism and supports the preservation of your lean muscle mass, and an energy product that can give you the immediate boost and a sustained energy to keep you going throughout the day.  When combined with your IDNutrition, you now have the total foundation needed to help you achieve all of your health, fitness and wellness goals. Download FREE 28 Day Transformation Guide: Click Here