Hello my name is Bobby Brown and I have been an Independent TriVita Business Owner since 2001.In Business, Timing is Everything! TriVita, a well established health & wellness company is at the forefront of the personalized wellness care revolution and the unique opportunity to build a business with customers from the media. As an Independent TriVita Business Owner, you will be positioned to take full advantage of this and build a profitable business while helping others live a greater quality of life.
In today's world the typical network marketing (or MLM) has serious flaws - erroneous concepts and expectations that guarantee failure for 95% of those who try it. Just consider the following “requirements” to succeed at your typical MLM: You join. You find five people to join under you, who find five, who also find five etc. This strategy is designed to build an ever-growing pyramid of affiliates under you, from which you are supposed to earn a substantial residual income. But the flaw in this strategy is that most people are not marketers, cannot sell, have no warm market and cannot refer others.
As we have learned simply recruiting affiliates is not the same as building a business with a real customer base. The end result is like a stack of cards about to fall, as affiliates (who are the only ones actually buying the product) drop off due to not earning the money they were led to expect. Why do such affiliates fail?
There are many different reasons. As already stated, most people are not entrepreneurs or marketers. And yet, to succeed in a typical network marketing business they are supposed to contact everyone they know and browbeat them into joining. Then they are supposed to generate leads, make cold calls, set up conference calls, even stop people in the street! And, on top of that, they are supposed to generate enough enthusiasm to get their own “downline” to do the same. Fat chance!
The TriVita Difference:
For nearly two decades TriVita has been using media to help ITBOs grow their businesses through a co-op advertising strategy that has acquired over three million new customers.
The mechanics are quite simple. The company places extensive media advertising, with an emphasis on high-response TV infomercials. People who call the 1-800 number from these infomercials are then offered various introductory packages of the company’s main products - and those customers who do purchase are then “sold” on to Independent TriVita Business Owners who want to buy the future commission rights to them.
The company offers these media-generated contacts to ITBO's on an ongoing basis. They can be purchased as and when required - in any quantity, from a minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 100 customers per month. These are not leads, but "REAL" customers that have purchased product from TriVita.
Unlike typical network marketing companies, ITBO's  are not left to their own devices to approach all their family and friends or generate their own leads, in an attempt to recruit more affiliates. No, with TriVita you partner with the company by participating in their co-op for media advertising - and buy lifetime commission rights to existing customers. This is what makes TriVita stand out from the crowd - real products and real customers.
The lifeblood of ANY business is not just getting customers but retaining them, and no one does it better than TriVita.
TriVita also increases the value of your customers, whether from the Co-op, your personal referrals, or our other customer acquisition systems with their back-end marketing. They send out 4-color product catalogs to customers every month to keep your customers interested and active.  There are also multiple follow-up customer campaigns from reaching out to our customers via phone and email as well as on social networking.
TriVita’s global mission is for people to “experience wellness” - and it fulfills this mission by researching, developing and bringing to market a wide range innovative and effective health supplements - like MYOHEALTH - an essential amino acid complex. You probably have seen the MyoHealth infomerical on national T.V. along with their other powerhouse product, Sublingual B-12.
Why is TriVita so different then other Direct Selling Companies... Well we like to call it The Unfair Advantage
* a company that helps you find customers through the power of media
* a company that offers a cutting edge wellness tool you can share with others for free that will analyze potential health risks to help them improve their overall wellness through our science-based, prediction technology engine.
* Our proven back-end marketing system, our product catalog and numerous touch points each month will educate your customers and help stimulate product re-orders to create more revenue for YOU!
* a company that offers generous loyalty programs to help drive customer purchasing activity and value
* a company with a wellness-focused medical center for those customers who truly want to overcome health issues through optimizing their wellness
Now is the time to take action!
Harness the power of a booming, trillion-dollar growth industry! Starting today, join thousands of others just like you who have aligned themselves with TriVita - a trusted international wellness company with superior quality products, a proven business model that leverages the power of media, and a comprehensive marketing system with all of the business tools and support you need to succeed!
As a Independent TriVita Business Owner, you will be in business for yourself but never by yourself. The company is dedicated to your success by providing you access to superior quality personal wellness products and all of the business training tools and support you need to grow a successful wellness business.
* Our customer retention systems and product loyalty programs that promote stability... plus FREE live customer support and a generous Premier Membership Rewards program.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to give me a call, at 719-661-5647. I invite you to reclaim your future and begin your journey toward personal wellness, wealth and purpose, starting today. Take control... and experience the TriVita Difference!
Bobby Brown
Independent TriVita Business Owner
TriVita ID: 13121490
TriVita’s co-op advertising business model gives you a competitive edge in a media-driven world that takes the guess-work out of finding customers so you can focus on growing your business.
Our national ads offer TriVita’s health solution based products through TV, radio, print and digital campaigns that attract new customers.  But customer acquisition is only the first step that makes this program so effective.  With ongoing back-end marketing campaigns and conversion systems, we develop brand-loyal customers to ensure we achieve lifetime value results that drive ongoing compensation to co-op advertising participants.
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