We have a modern day transformational technology. A technology that will change the future of wellness forever just as the invention of the transistor, cell phones and social media have changed technology forever.
Our technology and product are not simply expanding a marketplace, we will transform it. 36 million Americans have made the decision to take control of their lives and finances. You now have the opportunity to join them with the confidence that this scientific miracle will not only benefit you, but generations to come.
Opportunities are defined as: "A good chance for advancement or progress." Opportunities exist all around us and the people who recognize and act, when opportunities emerge, are often considered lucky. Opportunities are not born from luck or coincidence, they are born from problems where people are seeking solutions, which when solved create massive opportunity..
Your Life Can Change In A Minute...Without Warning... Is Your Future Secure?
This might be the most overlooked oxymoron in the history of the world. The majority of
people believe that  they have free time, they look forward to it, longingly daydreaming
about their upcoming weekend plans as  they stare into their work computer screen.
We have been lead to believe that free time is what we want,  it's what we work so
hard for and we deserve it. That is a lie. What we truly desire is TIME FREEDOM!
The difference here is not subtle and should not be confused, when you take charge of
your life and start your own business you may look at it as giving up some of your free
time but the reward for such sacrifice  will be the benefit of TRUE TIME FREEDOM,
time that is yours to do what you want with. Don't settle for  the illusion of free time
when time freedom is your true desire.
Opportunity often knocks - only to find no one home.

The world is filled with unfortunate souls who didn’t hear opportunity knock at the door because they were down at the convenience store buying lottery tickets. Luck is the residue of design.” You will be surprised how much your luck will improve when you make sure you are prepared to take advantage of opportunities. How many times have you had a great idea that you failed to act upon, only to discover later that someone used the same idea to start a business, get a promotion, or find a better job? Resolve now to get into action when you have a good idea. Don’t wait for something to happen - Discover FGX PowerStrip Business Opportunity and MAKE IT HAPPEN!
FGXpress is a direct selling company that has been around for over 10 years with the qualifications to claim many “first” wins in the direct selling / network marketing industry.
FGXpress PowerStrips International Business Opportunity
FGXpress was the first company to have an FDA approve product, which is a major distinction in the direct marketing industry for a company with serious long-term goals.
FGXpress is the first company to develop a technology that works directly in specific location in the body to get rid of pain.
FGXpress is the first company of its kind to make all of it’s products available worldwide to over 100 countries since the beginning of it’s launch in early 2014.
While holding a position as the president of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLM governing body) Ron Willliams came to the realization that most countries around the world didn’t offer solid exposure to direct marketing opportunities. It was evident to him that most direct selling companies based in the U.S only focus in opening opportunities in their same go-to 20 or so countries. Usually countries with a large population to support the fast growth of the opportunity, as well as countries with the proper infrastructure and logistic for product distribution.
Ron Williams came to realize that with the right product he could offer people around the world the opportunity to succeed with a Direct Selling/ Network-Marketing model.
PowerStrips have been so revolutionary in helping alleviate pain that people are naturally talking about the results and sharing the earning potential of the opportunity by referring others to purchase the Strips, which are now exclusively sold by FGXpress.
The PowerStrips™ technology combines, water-soluble adhesive with Germanium (a natural element) , Alpha 3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton (proprietary to ForeverGreen) Korean Red Ginseng and Silver.
The fact that power strips are light in weight, a monthly supply of the product can be affordable send to any address around the world from a local postal service. To make it even easier FGXpress offers low rates for shipping and handling about $4.95 internationally and domestically alike.
FGX PowerStrip Product Demonstation
The Opportunity - Make Money Sharing FGXpress Powerstrips!
There are more than 120 million individuals within US alone who suffer from chronic pain disorders; Researches spend up to $650 million each year seeking a permanent cure for pain conditions.
Since FG Xpress PowerStrips have fully been approved by the FDA as a Class 1 device, distributors can feel confident approaching people and sharing with them this alternative solution that can help with pain and discomfort around the body.
FGXpress has a lucrative compensation model that enables individuals to earn extra income by referring others to purchase Powerstrips™ directly from GFXpress. Individuals are given an FGXpress website and can refer as many people as possible to their site to purchase Powerstrips™. The more people that buy the product, the more money that can be made. FGXpress pays commissions through a global debit card that can be used at almost ATM around the world.
The FG Xpress compensation plan is huge, it pays out 62%, including a 50% first level check match, with 25%, 15%, and 10% on the next three levels . This has NEVER been done before in the history of network marketing. WE are the FIRST.
Compensation Plan PDF: Click Here