Your 90-Day Guide to Vitality & Whole-Person Wellness
Get a snapshot of your future health-wellness and recieve an written action plan that is designed specifically for you! A health and wellness road map that you can easily follow and incorporate into your current lifestyle.
We have just released a new Cutting Edge Wellness Tool - The VitalityPlanner! This assessment tool is backed by 150 million pages of scientific research by leading clinical geneticists. 30,000 scientific publications. Every question that is included in this assessment has a purpose and is backed by science.

Jump-Start Your Vitality & Wellness!
Got 10 minutes? We assure you this won’t hurt or take long at all.
Simply answer a few questions about you, your current lifestyle habits and parent health
Your data is then compared against a science-based, prediction technology engine that cross-references over 30,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies in the U.S. drawn from over 70 million ethnically-diverse populations to give you a personalized snapshot of your potential modifiable health risks.
You will then receive your own Personalized Vitality Guide for recommended diet, nutritional supplements, hydration, sleep and physical activities to jump-start your own 90-day vitality and wellness journey.
What if you could look into the future and see how healthy you would be based on your lifestyle right now? And, find out what changes you can make to have a better outcome.
Are you confused about all the information out there on being healthy and wonder what's the RIGHT information that is RIGHT for you? Information that is UNIQUE to you? A road map you can follow, that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle?
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TriVita VitalityPlanner is an invite-only, online guide that helps you improve your everyday quality of vitality and wellness over the next 90 days.
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The 90-Day Jump-Start to Daily Whole Person Vitality & Wellness.Are you looking to jump-start your health, vitality and wellness? Check out our personalized online guide that helps you improve your everyday quality of vitality and wellness over the next 90 days!
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