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TriVita helps people everywhere achieve greater wellness - both in their physical lives as well as their financial ones. As a pioneering wellness company, TriVita created a unique opportunity where individuals like you can benefit financially by simply sharing TriVita's products and wellness mission with others.
TriVita nutritional and dietary products will not only give you greater physical wellness, you'll also enjoy their financial rewards to help you fulfill your life purposes - whether that's earning a few hundred extra dollars per month to help pay the bills, or building a large business for you and your family's future. No matter what your purposes are, as an Independent TriVita Business Owner (ITBO) you can achieve your dreams and goals.
By participating in TriVita's Media Acquisition Program you can leverage the power of media like TV, radio, internet and print to reach more media contacts. This proven program has helped thousands of ITBO expand beyond their own personal warm market and acquire media contacts worldwide!
With the GX-30 program, you can acquire media contacts directly from TriVita, and position yourself to earn revenue from media contacts generated by the company’s television, radio, print, direct mail and internet advertising efforts.
TriVita’s time-tested business model with a 15-year track record of success could profoundly impact your life by helping you reach your full physical and financial potential. And with our easy to use business support system, you can fast-track your TriVita wellness business from day ONE!
TriVita’s time-tested approach to business and successful living creates synergy between the company and TriVita Business Owners-who work together to acquire media contacts that could generate weekly cash flow and monthly residual income for you!
Greater wellness ... it’s such a desirable thing. With it, you feel better, perform better, and enjoy life more than ever, too.  Greater wellness is not just about physical health. It’s also about your emotional health, your spiritual health and your financial wealth as well.
Your greater wellness is the reason for our twofold mission at TriVita. First, we want to inspire and help people like you experience greater overall wellness. And second, we want to give people like you the opportunity to create wealth for your life purposes. Everything we do is based on this mission, and is designed to benefit you.
Our desire is to connect people to their sense of purpose, and to provide them with the tools necessary to optimize their state of wellness as they pursue their goals in life. This is based on TriVita's core mission:
"To inspire people to experience wellness and to create wealth for their life purposes."

A time-tested marketing system that attracts and retains media contacts
TriVita’s highly-integrated marketing system is time-tested and has been fined-tuned to attract media contacts to TriVita. Media contact retention is extremely important as well. That’s why TriVita has a comprehensive back-end marketing system. ITBOs help support TriVita’s marketing efforts by personally enrolling new media contacts and purchasing media contacts who may become customers through the MAP program. The company, in turn, creates the marketing materials and programs to service the media contacts, resulting in compensation for ITBOs on future media contacts product purchases.
TriVita advertises superior quality wellness products through a variety of media outlets including television, radio, print, direct mail and digital marketing with a strong web presence. Funded by the ITBOs who participate in the MAP program, this advertising generates media contacts every month. This strategic alliance between TriVita and ITBOs represents a primary element of the company’s “braided effect” and unique business model...
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Get started immediately: no experience necessary, no special skills required. Enrollment is FREE. PLUS: There are no employees or employee taxes to deal with... and stocking inventory and handling product is not required! At TriVita, we know that OUR success as a company is based on YOUR success as a TriVita Business Owner. So rest assured that TriVita will be there to support you - every step of the way!
We invite you reclaim your future and begin your journey toward personal wellness, wealth and purpose, starting today. Take control... and experience the TriVita Difference..
What better time than NOW to position yourself on the leading edge of this trillion dollar growth industry! Experience greater wellness - and greater wealth - as an Independent Business Owner with TriVita!
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BOBBY BROWN ID: 13121490
Independent TriVita Business Owner
TriVita CEO Michael Ellison
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